🥇Best Throat Lozenges for Singers

Just like an athlete trains to keep fit for their next competition, voice cords also require proper care to remain in shape and active for your next singing or speaking gig. Throat lozenges make a huge difference to relieve your symptoms and boost your vocal cords. Here are some of the best throat lozenges for singers

 Let’s face it; we’ve all experienced the symptoms of a sore throat at some point in life. And while a sore throat is just a mere nuisance for most of us, this might not be the case for those whose livelihood entirely depends on their vocal abilities, such as professional singers.

While proper breathing and vocal technique is an excellent way of cultivating your vocal instruments, vocal maintenance is the cornerstone of your voice factory. In most cases, a cold or sore throat can easily cause inflammation of your vocal cords. This, in turn, leads to weakening or loss of voice, or even a hoarse, dry throat.

As a singer, vocal care is of paramount importance since your voice is in use in most of your waking time, and it needs to be in peak performance to help you reach your goals in your career. So, how do you ensure proper caring of your voice?

Well, one of the best known sore throat remedies and prevention is through throat lozenges. Throat lozenges are specially formulated to offer quick and reliable sore-throat relief as you prepare for your next gig.

However, throat lozenges come in two broad categories, including naturally derived and synthetic pharmaceuticals, which vary greatly in terms of the ingredients contained and how fast they help relieve your symptoms. Here are the best throat lozenges for singers that can help relieve sore-throat symptoms and keep your vocal instruments working smoothly.

Best Throat Lozenges for Singers

1. Chloraseptic Total Sore Throat - Th Best Throat Rozenges for Singers

The Voice37 Vocal Booster is a great natural solution for those times a sore throat attacks during a singing session as it helps clear and prevent phlegm. This product contains natural ingredients, including horseradish root, red elm bark, and celery seed, to mention a few.

Voice 37 helps take care of your voice by calming both your larynx and throat membranes through the lubrication of your vocal cords. Due to its fast and effective action, this product helps keep your voice organs in optimal condition, giving you more confidence.

The Voice 37 is explicitly designed to boost your vocals using a more natural formula. It is one of the products highly recommended for professional singers, mostly due to its powerful effect and fast relief.

2. Fisherman's Friend - Menthol Cough Suppressant Lozenges

Fisherman’s Friend Lozenges have taken the market by storm and have made a name for themselves in the industry to help you get your throat into shape before a stage performance.

Featuring up to 40 lozenges, this package is a top-of-the-line product for singers dealing with different throat conditions. It is carefully made to sooth sore throats, fight coughs and to help clear nasal passages for uninterrupted singing.

Also, if you have inhaled an irritant or you have a common cold, these lozenges come in handy to relieve bronchial irritation and severe allergies to help fine-tune your vocals.

The Fisherman’s Friend cough-suppressant lozenges are menthol-flavored to give the ultimate cooling sensation on your airway passages as well as soothing the throat. The flavor is authentic and extra strong, making these lozenges the best and widely loved by most popular singers and other users.

The lozenges also contain active ingredients, including natural licorice, dextrin, eucalyptus oil, capsicum, sugar, and tragcanth.

Besides that, unlike other packages, these Fisherman’s Friend lozenges are packed individual pouches with zip locks. The zip locks have a durable seal to preserve freshness as well as to lock and seal the lozenges tightly.

So, no matter how severe your cough is, it should not prevent you from recording in the studio, auditioning, or having an incredible performing in front of your audience. These powerful lozenges will calm and lubricate your throat for a breathtaking performance.

3. Ricola Natural Honey Herb

Ricola Honey Herb boasts a unique classic flavor softened with real golden honey and natural Swiss alpine herbs ingredients, which makes it safe for consumption and to work rapidly. Ricola mostly helps singers with dry mouth and relieves stubborn coughs and sore throats. And the best part about Ricola is that they offer a long-lasting relief, unlike other lozenges. Further, they work instantly to enhance your performance.

Another impressive thing about Ricola is the breathtaking taste with a subtle mint flavor that’s not overpowering, unlike other poorly formulated lozenges on the market. The powerful blend of the natural herbs, menthol, and honey ensures that you get a rapid and soothing relief for stubborn dry coughs, seasonal allergies, and irritating throat tissues.

4. HALLS Sugar-Free Honey Lemon Flavor

HALLS Sugar-Free lozenge is another powerful lozenge ideal for singers that works like a cough suppressant. It offers quick relief from irritating sore throats by stimulating the production of saliva to lubricate your throat lining and to ease the irritation, itchiness, and dryness of the throat.

This lozenge gives tremendous results when it comes to getting rid of coughs, soothing nasal passages, as well as during allergy seasons when pollen, trees, and grass cause itchy and scratchy sore throats. They are also great complements during dusty and harvesting seasons to relieve nasal irritation.

Packed in a sugar-free, honey, and lemon flavor, it gives you a unique soothing effect, suppresses the cough, and nourishes your mouth. That said, honey helps coat your throat to reduce persistent coughing while lemon adds a pleasant and long-lasting flavorto complement and balance other ingredients.

In addition, the HALLS lozenges have Vitamin C to help boost your immune system as well as giving you a divine cooling effect.

5. SoundHealth Honey Lemon Cough Suppressant Lozenge

If you have an upcoming show but feeling all tired and sore, there is no better way to deal with it than having sweet honey-lemon lozenges while breathing some heavenly coolness.

SoundHealth lozenge is undoubtedly a powerful solution that any singer, adult, or child aged six years and above can temporarily depend on to get rid of stubborn sore throats. The lozenge contains active ingredients, including menthol, which works like a mild anesthetic to offer a cooling sensation by numbing the irritated throat nerves. As such, it helps relieve the pain receptors and sore throat by getting rid of itchiness and dryness as well as protecting the soft, delicate tissues.

In addition, the blend of menthol, honey, and lemon to ease nasal congestion, inflammation, and sinus pain, which may affect your stage performance.

6. HALLS Relief Max Strength with Menthol

What do you do when you feel persistent itchiness in your throat just before your performance? Get one of these Halls Max Strength lozenges that work like a charm.

With 20mg of Menthol, which is 3x more than what most throat lozenges contain, thus it is one of the most effective and intense lozenge you can ever find.

This HALLS lozenge with menthol offers you instant relief to any sore throat pain. It boasts an intense cooling sensation to help get rid of stubborn coughs and to help clear and cool your nasal and bronchial passages.

The large amount of menthol in the lozenges also helps alleviate allergies, sinus discomfort, headaches, and fever symptoms. It also helps in improving your immunity as well as stabilizing emotion by elevating your moods.

This HALLS lozenge gives you instant relief of your throat and lightens your voice remarkably.

7. Chloraseptic Total Sore Throat

A must-have for any singer out there, the Chloraseptic is a product specially formulated to offer maximum relief from sore throat and other irritations.

This product contains an incredibly powerful ingredient referred to as BENZOCAINE that works effectively in alleviating throat related problems such as sore mouth, sore throat, pains as well as minor irritation.

The Chloraseptic throat lozenge is also formulated with wild berry, which is a soothing liquid that helps in offering fast relief to your sore throat and cooling and eliminating any pain you may be experiencing in your nasal passages. Its quick pain relief makes it a throat lozenge that you can rely on as you prepare for your upcoming singing gig.



While a sore throat often causes minor irritation, in some cases, it can be downright miserable since it can cause your voice to weaken or even make it sound hoarse. As a professional singer, such effects can be devastating, especially when you’re preparing for a gig.

Luckily for you, taking one of the above-mentioned throat lozenges can help treat and relieve sore throat symptoms and keep your voice in optimum condition.

All of the products on our list contain powerful active ingredients with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so you can rest assured to get your voice back within no time.

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